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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.How to get a application form ?

Application & Agreement form (A&A) Cum Consumer Case for release of general service Connection (Domestic & Non-residential supply) is available against Payment of Rs.50/- and for all other Categories, the same is available free of Cost from the Concerned where the connection is required.

2.What are the annexure to the application form ?

Answer:In case of DS/NRS Category, the A&A form is complete. However for other categories, the Consumers are required to attach following documents with the application.
A) AP Category :
The applicant is required to produce "FARD" of land in his name in case connection is required against any priority scheme of the Board However applicant seeking Connection under general Category may not have the land in his name but applicant is required to furnish the indemnity bond on the prescribed format on stamp paper of Rs.15/- alongwith attested copy of the lease/ patta of the land in Support of his being lawful occupier.
B) Bulk Supply/Industrial category :
a) Certified copy of the Articles of Association/memorandum.
b) Certified copy of the incorporation of the company.
c) Certified copy of the partnership deed.
d) Certified copy of the registration of the firm by the registrar of the firms.
e) Certified copy of the constitution of the Society/ trust.
f) Certified copy of the registration of the society by the Registrar of societies.
g) Special power of attorney for the authorized signatory duly notarized.
h) Certified copy of the resolution authorizing the signatory to sign on behalf of the company.
i) Certified copy of the NOC from PPCB.
j) Certified copy of the NOC from PUDA.
k) Affidavits/ undertakings.
l) Undertaking that the company or its sister concern is not involved in theft case.
m) Undertaking that no court case or dispute is pending with the Board.
n) Undertaking to the effect that the Consumer shall not Claim damages in the event of fluctuation of voltage on the system.
o) Undertaking that no other connection is running in his premises.

3.Where to submit the application form ?

Answer:The complete application alongwith the requisite documents are to be submitted to the Sub-Divn. Officer (Op.) of the area Concerned.

4.What is the eligibility criteria ?

Answer:In case of release of DS/NRS Connection, the Connections are given from the existing system. However in all other categories technical feasibility/system Constraints are kept in view and individual case is decided on its merits.

5.What are the procedures to be followed in getting new Service Connection?

Answer:1. In Case of DS/NRS, the consumer is required to deposit ACD, Meter Security and service connection charges along with the A&A form in the first instance.
2. However in case of other categories nominal Earnest money is deposited with Board for load above 500KW to process the case.
3. The charges such as ACD, Service connection are to be deposited through demand notice issued by the department after study of the technical feasibility etc.
4. The Earnest Money deposited by the applicant is also adjusted.
5. For loads below 500 KW, the applicants are required to deposit ACD/Meter Security along with application form and service Connection charges are to be deposited after the demand notice.
Procedure For Release of Connection

6.What are the charges to be paid for getting new Service Connection?

a) Domestic supply Rs. 500
b) NRS Rs. 700
c) Small Power Rs. 500
d) Medium supply Rs. 750
e) Large supply (General Load) Rs. 1000
f) Large supply (Power intensive load) Rs. 2000
g) Bulk Supply Rs. 1500
h) Public lighting Rs. 2000
i) Agriculture supply Rs. 200

II) Meter Security :
a) Single Phase LT energy meter Rs. 300
b) Three phase LT energy meter without CTs. Rs. 600
c) Three phase LT energy meter with CTs. Rs. 1200
d) LT Metering equipment Trivector type/TPT metering with CTs. Rs. 7500
e) HT metering equipment with CTs/PTs of L&G Make. Rs. 60000
f) HT metering equipment with CTs/PTs of L&G Make. Rs. 16000
g) Rates of special metering equipment. to be intimated by PSEB

III) Service Connection Charges :
i) For domestic/NRS supply :
Fixed per KW charges (Single phase) DS NRS
1. Upto 1 KW Rs. 250 Rs. 250
2. Above 1 KW and upto 3 KW Rs. 300 Rs. 500
3. Above 3 KW and upto 7 KW Rs. 500 Rs. 750
Fixed per KW charges (Three phase) DS NRS
1. Above 7 KW Rs. 750 Rs. 1000
Variable Charges :
No variable charges are leviable up to 150 Mtrs. Beyond 150 Mtrs., variable charges @ Rs. 125/- per meter length of service line shall be recoverable for all loads in excess of 10KW.
ii) For Industrial and Bulk supply :
For new connections :
Load S.C.C.
a) Upto 1000 KW Rs. 750 per KW
b) Above 1 MW Rs. 750 per KW or actual cost whichever is higher.
Service Connection charges under pata (b) shall be applicable for loads up to 1MW Where the length of new or augmented or both line (s) to be provided is up to 300 meters which will include 11KV line (Whether over head or cable) LT line & Service cable. Where this limit exceeds 300 Mtrs. the applicant shall be required to pay actual Cost of Rs. 125/- per metre for 11KV line, LT line and service cable in excess of 300 meters as additional service connection charges (non-refund-able). However no component of distribution sub station/transformer to be created would be charged wherever applicable.
iii) For Agriculture Power :
a) For General Category :
All prospective tube well consumers covered under general category shall pay Rs. 3000/- per BHP as S.C.C . However for the following categories the amount of S.C.C shall be Rs. 2000/- per BHP.
Marginal farmers.
Prospective consumers holding yellow cards.
Applicants getting connections within 16 KM of International Border Belt.
Applicants getting connections in sub-mountaneous kandi areas of the state.
The above charges are recoverable where total length of service line including new 11KV line, LT line (new/augmented) and service cable route length exceeds 500 meters from the common pole). Where the total length of service line is more than 1KM (out of which LT line/service cable route length does not exceed 500 Mtrs) the applicant under this category shall be required to pay cost of new 11KV line beyond this limit @Rs.125/- per meter as additional service connection charges. However, no component of DS Sub-station/ transmission cost would be charged.
b) For connections to be released under the terms and conditions of SFS :
The service connection charges shall be worked out as under :-
All the prospective consumers covered under the terms and conditions of SFS category shall pay Rs. 5000/- per BHP as Lump-sum. These charges shall include transformation charges and cost of service line (HT/LT) up to 500 meters beyond which Rs. 125/- per meter shall be payable for any extra length of service line as additional S.C.C. The route length of LT line and service cable shall not exceed 500 meters from the common pole.

7.Which are the officials to be contacted for any complaint or suggestion ?

Answer:A.E. / A.E.E. /Sr. Xen and S.E. Incharge of the Sub-division office/Division office and Circle office respectively.

8.What is the procedure of Billing ?

Answer:1. Once the connection is released to the consumer.
2. Board's authorized representative visits the consumer premises to bring the monthly/bi monthly reading on prescribed dates.
3. Subsequently computerized energy bill is served to the consumer through the Bill Distributor of the Board and enough grace period is given to the consumer to pay his energy bill, by cash, Demand draft/ Banker Cheque within the prescribed date.
4. Board has also made provision for accepting the payment of energy bill through cash/cheque by the authorized Banks.
5. And recently board has introduced new facility for consumer to pay their bill by various sewak (ATM) machines which have been installed at Patiala, Mohali, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Bathinda.
6. Consumer can deposit his bill through Cash/ Demand draft (DD) or Banker Cheque at these cities.

9.How to get the sanctioned load increased ?

Answer:The procedure is almost same as followed while obtaining a new connection.

10.How to check one's consumption ?

Answer:The energy consumption of an individual depends upon the appliances installed and also the duration of use. However consumer is free to approach the field officers in case of any doubt about the consumption/ accuracy of the energy meter

11.How to lodge the complaint for replacement of burnt/damaged meter/correcting inflated energy bills etc. ?

Answer:Any complaint concerning the energy bill, energy meter relating to services can be suitably lodged to the field officer of the area. In case consumer is not satisfied with the redressal of his grievances by the concerned field officer, the matter can easily be brought to the notice of next higher authority.

12.What is the procedure for change of name of the consumer ?

Answer:Normally a consumer in accordance with conditions of supply shall not without previous consent in writing of the Board, assign, transfer or part with the benefit of his agreement. But if he wants to transfer his connection in the name of somebody else, a request on Board's standard application form by the person in whose name the connection is sought to be transferred, is to be made to the Sub-division/ Sub-office of the Board along with the consent of existing consumer for change of name.
An undertaking (in form of affidavit) must be given by the transferee to the transferor that he he now liable for payment of bill from the date of such
change in name. for more details contact to the concerner department of such area.


  1. what is the criteria of fee to be paid when the domestic electricity connection is to be transferred ?
    ( If person 'A' buys house from person 'B', how much fee 'A' has to pay for the transfer of electricity connection and what is the procedure ? )

    1. Normally you have to pay ACD for your load ,which is (I think)500/KW .However old customer may apply for refund or adjust their amount in your demand.

  2. Hi,
    Can I sell my tube well connection to someone else so this connection should be moved to different place ,which is on my name , my father put my name on it 30years ago.

  3. hi maine apne ghar hi ek shop kholi hai, n i want an electricity connection for the shop, when i go to suvidha kendra to get new connection form, they say you need noc for new connection from municipal cotporation and when i go to corporation office, they say noc ab band ho gayi hai. what should i do, please guide????

  4. Hello I live in the Uk and my mum has a empty house in Punjab which we go to every year she puts a deposit of 7000 rupees before she flys back to England Uk.But every time we go back we still have to pay nearly 6000 rupees more for electricity but the metre is off.
    I want to know
    1) do you get charged for an empty house when the power is off
    2)the money that is taken is for meter rent?
    3)why is it so expensive
    4)if i have to pay monthly rent on a meter on a empty house how many rupees a month it should be

    In other countries you pay for what you use on the meter if don’t use any electricity you pay nothing (no line rental,no meter chargers)

    Regards Bally

    1. Dear Bally,
      The charges are mixture of many charges but main is fixed charges for connected load for which system has been installed and these charges is required to be paid whether any units has been used or not .Meter rent is very less.
      If you reduce you load then monthly charges will be reduced proportionately.


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