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No shortage of electricity in Punjab

PATIALA: Owing to showers at certain places in Punjab, the gap between demand and supply of power has not been seen by the PSEB on Friday. According to official sources the availability of power is 1585LUs and demand was at 1589LUs.

The hydel projects have been contributing 160LUs whereas 612LUs coming from from own Thermal Plants. BBMB has giving 160LUs and 13LUs from NRSE and 702LUs Central Sector Share and Banking.

Demand is Due to no gap in demand and supply PSEB has allowed LS consumers feeding from Category-2, 3 & 4 feeders, to use load during Peak Load hours upto 75 % of Peak Load Exemption allowed instead of 50 %.

The exemption shall be reviewed on day to day basis, sources added.

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