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Rates of electricity increased by PSERC(Punjab State electricity Regulatory commission) on 08.09.2009.Further these rates are applicable from 01.04.2009 and recovery of dues shall me made in coming bills.Rates of domestic supply has been increased by 39 paisa per unit to 42 paisa per unit.For NRS supply increase is also 42 paisa per unit and industrial units rates is also increased by .38 paisa to 42 paisa .The average increased in rate is around 10-12 % .Rate for Agriculture supply for which Punjab Govt has to pay amount as a subsidy is also increased by 45 paisa from 240 paisa to 285 paisa per BhP of sanctioned capacity of connection.New rates are given below for your ready reference.Use ZOOM function to read and you can also download these rates from more drop down menu
Electricity Rate

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