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Update:Punjab Govt has issued a Clarification(22.02.2010) on Minimum pension fixation,which has been adopted by PSEB vide his Finance circular number 19/2010.So calculator has been updated as per the latest notification dt 21.04.2010.
How To use This Calculator.

  1. There are two sheets in the excel sheet given below first Fill ur data and second Code list.By default Fill ur data will be shown if not switch on fill ur data Sheet.
  2. Select your pay code in first yellow column .Codes are given below .select code of old pay scale from which you have retired (old pay scale as per forth pay commission is given).codes are given in yellow column(1-23)
  3. Fill you basic pension as on 01.01.2006 (without Dearness pay) in second yellow column.
  4. Third yellow column is applicable where your service is less than 32 years and Nine month then fill no of year and month of service rendered in respective column.
  5. Forth yellow column is required only if you want to calculate family pension arrear.Fill "FP" in this cell without quotes and fill other columns as suggested above..Figure will be changed to Family Pension.But if you want to calculate Normal Pension then Leave blank this Cell.
Code List


Note:1:To calculate net pension add medical and deduct commutation value if you have commuted your pension.
2.Additional pension(old age allowance is admissible from 1/08/2008) so I have not taken it while calculating the arrears.

3.In few cases Family pension is Given @ 40% but in above calculator 30% method has been used in all cases.
4.Report an error at guptarajin2002 at

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