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Arrear Calculator for 43 Months PSEB and Punjab Govt

Download Arrears calculator for Punjab GoVt employees as well as PSEB employees. fill The required Details and download Free calculator in Excel with Instructions For arrears calculation for 43 Month allowed by Pun jab Govt In three Installments . Calculator is very easy to use , however Instruction are given where ever is required .This Calculator is prepared by CA RAJAN GUPTA, Dy CAO, Lehra Mohabat Thermal plant ,Bathinda , Ph 9646117612 . This Calculator can be used for arrears calculation for Punjab Govt Employee and other Departments if they have adopted same arrears division in three years . Every care has been taken to test the accuracy of the calculator even then If any Error pls report with subject "arrear calculator" at guptarajin2002 at .(use it at own risk)

Update :calculator has been updated on 17.04.2011 and adjustment columns has been corrected .No impact on arrears calculated where adjustment columns has not been used.

2.Arrears bifurcation in GPF /tax/NET have some confusions so Option has been given to bifurcate arrears in two method

  1. Calculate tax and deduct tax from 40% of arrears and 50% of balance amount to be transfer to Gpf.
  2. 50% of 40% arrears to be transfer to GPF and net payment will be paid after deduction of tax amount.

Good news:we have also arranged a online calculator to calculate tax relief under section 89(1) of Income Tax act .By which you can check whether it is beneficial to break up arrears received in fy 2011-12 in respective years. so Check your tax benefit now

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