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Seventh Central Pay commission has given its reports on 19/11/2015 ,on the basis of this report we have prepared a Tentative Pay fixation calculator for PSPCL-PSTCL employees.These calculator has been prepared on the basis of main guidelines given by 7th Central Pay commission.

Basis of Calculation used in this calculator  
  1. Fitment multiplier factor has been taken as 2.57 universal for all employees.
  2. Initial pay in Pay metrics has been calculated by Multiply factor of 2.57 for PB-1 and PB-2 , 2.62 for PB-3, 2.67 for PB-4 and PB-05, however 2.57 for table 21 and 2.72 for HAG .You may change these multiply factors ,if you wish to.(rounding off to multiple of hundred)
  3. Steps in Pay materis has been fixed after giving 3 % increment (rounding off to multiple of hundred)

How to Use
  1. You have to fill Just three yellow Cells 
  2. At Sr no -1 select your Present SR NO table  
  3. At Sr no-2 Fill you pay in pay Band (do not add Grade Pay)
  4. At Sr no-3 Select your % of your Present House rent allowance (HRA)
  5. At Sr no 4-8 Data of your present pay scales on the basis of  your selection at Sr no-1 will be shown ,if data is not shown as per your details then select correct table number at Sr no-1. Designation /category list is not complete ,so concentrate on grade and Table Number.
  6. At Sr No 10 your new basic pay as per our calculation will be shown,However If  message is shown "Something is wrong in Your data Entry or in our Calculator" then please check data entered by you again , if data is correct then please report error along with data entered by you in comment section
  7. At Sr no 11-15 Comparison of Your old Pay/DA/HRA with new pay as per this calculator will be shown.
  8. For smooth working of this calculator use it on your computer /Laptop .Mobile may not have best results.
Note down your present Table Sr no from following Table

Fill Three yellow cells in Excel Sheet shown below.Wait for Few second after entering each data to update calculation.If some errors shown then refresh page and try again.If same problem persist then report us in Comment section.  Other points 
  1. If you are not able to calculate the new pay then provide your present pay band ,grade pay,designation,pay in pay band and Basic pay ,we will try to provide you tentative pay.
  2. If you want any improvement/correction in calculator then leave a comment along with reason and relevant data.
  3. Offline version can not be provided ,so please do not ask for it.
  4. For smooth working of this calculator use it on your computer /Laptop .Mobile may not have best results.
  1. Version 1 Publishing date :28/11/2015


  1. A piece of nice work and very useful information

  2. pay band due from 1/12/2011 is due is it apply on oil cleaner or not plz tell me


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