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LTC Block Period 2006-09 Extended to 30-06-2010

 Sub: Extension of Block period 2006-09 for facility of LTC available to Board's Officer/employyes

Board has extended the Block period 2006-2009 which is going to expire on 31.12.2009 upto 30.06.2010 for  LTC Facility available to Board's employee.Further it is decided that those employees who have already availed LTC for Block period year 2006-2009 are also eligible to avail the LTC facility for noxt block year 2010-13 and those employee's who have not availed such LTC ,can avail LTC ,by taking 2006-09 and 2010-13 as seprate Block periods but New block remains stats from January ,2010 to 2013(end).

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