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A simple to operate calculator for pensioners is given below .Just fill two yellow cells and your pension arrear will be calculated .Pensioner has given a Fitment benefit of 40 % .More over Minimum pension for family pensioner as well as for pensioner has been upgraded to 3500 rs same as given by sixth pay commission report.Further Minimum pension will not be less than of 50 % of Minimum of pay in the Pay band corresponding to the old pay scale from which person has retired.Increase in allowance will be applicable from the date of Notification by the Govt so allowance has not been considered.
How To use This Calculator.
  1. There are two sheets in the excel sheet given below first Fill ur data and second Code list.By default Fill ur data will be shown if not switch on fill ur data Sheet.
  2. Select your pay code in first yellow column .Codes are given below .select code of old pay scale from which you have retired (old pay scale as per forth pay commission is given).codes are given in yellow column.
  3. Fill you basic pension as on 01.01.2006 (without Dearness pay) in second yellow column.
  4. Third yellow column is applicable where your service is less than 32 years and Nine month then fill no of year and month  of service rendered in respective column
For More Details on Pension & pay on the basis of Fifth pay commission report submiitted on 20.04.2009.visit Following links

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  4. Fitment chart punjab.

scroll down to get your pay code.

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