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Punjab State electricity Board Official site -hacked

Today 12.05.2009,when I have opened ,I saw that there are only ads and no content.then I have checked whether address typed is correct or not but I found the address correct........then what is the reason for publishing only ads on pseb site....then I know that some one has Hacked the site and publishing their ads on the domain /address....I hope site admin may overpower the Hacker in a day or so ......what I found on the site is given below


  1. Hi,

    There site is not hacked, I think they have not renewed there domain and the domain gone in redemption period where the hosting is on ads bases from the domain registrar.


    Vikas Madaan
    Zones Web Solution

  2. thanks Vikas for Update but even if we suppose that they have not renewed their domain then also it is very disgraceful for such a Big organistation


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