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  1. The calculator will take few seconds to load.
  2. After each entry a updating sign will be shown on top right hand side of the calculator,fill next data only after the sign disappears.if calculator shows any error use refresh.
  3. Before using this calculator read limitations of the calculator 
  4. instructions How to use is given below
  5. To work smoothly on the calculator you may download plugin (Zoho Plugin for internet explorer) or for Mozilla Firefox

  1. This calculator is based upon Notification issued by PSEB on 15.10.2009 .Fitments charts are used from the notification but there may be few typing errors.
  2. Where two or more increment has been allowed to person in old scale, only ONE increment has been allowed in this calculator.As per new rules there is a provision of one increment at the time of promotion or at the time of TBPS.(another calculator with two increments is also available at this link the reason for two calculator is difference of opinion on clause 11A in the notification )
  3. As per para 11 at the time of the promotion one increment is allowed and next increment date will after 12 month however employee can opt for only grade pay on promotion and increment of promotion with regular increment on next yearly increment date.This option is not provided in this calculator.
  4. The rate of increment is approved @ 3 % so I have updated fitments as per notification.,errors in posting(if any) from notification may please be intimated at guptarajin2002 at
  5. Major up gradation as per point number 2 has been made in this calculator on 18.10.2009.If you have used it earlier than kindly note that old scale code has been changed now scale code is now at par with fitments tables number.Scale code in this calculator=Fitments chart number in notification.

First Thing first.before using this calculator it is informed that PSEB has been approved New pay scales13/10/2009
Kindly note that new calculator may not be workable in few situations but I have tried my best to prepare this calculator.kindly use it at your own risk and report errors on guptarajin2002 at

How to use.
  1. There are 28 yellow cell which are required to be filled.
  2. A column is relates to month 
  3. B column is relates to year
  4. C column select your scale 1-23 codes are given as scale codes.Scale code is now same as Fitments table number in pay Notification.
  5. D column is for basic pay code 1-80 codes are given below
  6. Now fill these column where ever your basic pay has been changed .like at the time of increment or at the promotion or at the time of time bound promotional scales.
  7. Fill the data in chronological manner means first change first and if some row remains after filing your data then in next rows enter the data last entered.
  8. if your increment month is Jan 2006 then you can start the period from 12/2005 and can opt for January increment in new scales (this option is as per punjab scales and expected to be included in pseb scales also).
  9. if your appointment is after 1/2006 then start period from date of appointment.and there after add increment etc as usual.Employee joined after 1/2006 can not exercise option as per clause 6
  10.  Use of column L :column L shows that if you opt for default date i.e 1.1.2006 then how much difference in your pay from fitments charts .Mainly if this column shown figures in (-)Minus then you should consult some expert which date is most suitable from which you should opt the scale.
  11. Use of column M:In column M "1"(one) is given in first row ,if you want to opt the scales from a latter date then delete the "1" from first row and place "1" against date from which  you want the pay scale.By doing this you can easily know how much arrears you will have to surrender and how much benefit in your basic pay due to change in option per notification option can be exercised only up to one existing scale.suppose you are in scale code 18 on 01.01.2006 then upgraded to 19 on 1.1.2007 and then 20 on 01.01.2008 .in this case you can retain old scales up to scale code 19 and you can give option of new scales from 20 scale code.

The example is already shown in the table above chart
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please record your comments.If any clarification or help (other than request for excel version of the calculator ) required about new pay scale then kindly use comment section below or send mail to me guptarajin2002 at

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