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PUNJAB STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD has adopted the Punjab Govt pension rules as notified after 5th pay commission.So PSEB pensioners will get same benefits as the Punjab Govt employees has received.The Full Notification of Punjab Govt dt 17.08.2009 and Key benefits to pensioners has been given hereunder
Key benefits to employees who retires/dies BEFORE 01.01.2006
  1. Employees who has retired before 1/2006 has given a benefit of 40 % fitment benefit
  2. New pension can be calculated easily by multiplying your old basic pension with 2.26.
  3. However pension should not be less than 50 %(40% in case of Family pensioners ) of minimum basic pay in new pay bands (pay in pay band plus grade pay)corresponding to the unrevised pay scale.
  4. Further pension calculated at three above will be reduced pro rata if service rendered is less than 33 years.
  5. Minimum Basic pension/family pension shall be 3500/- rs from 01.01.2006.
  6. Maximum of sr no (2) ,(3),(5) will be persons new pension.More over if new pension is less than old in unrevised scales then old pension remain continue.
  7. Additional pension to old pensioners /family pensioners for age 65-5 %,75 -10%,80-20%,85-30%,90-40%,95-50%,100-100% shall be given.
  8. DA is also admissible on additional pension as above.
  9. the above allowance/additional pension is admissible from the first day of the month in which his date of birth falls.
  10. Family pension rates shall continue to be calculated to earlier rates (40% of basic pay( pay in pay band plus grade pay) plus NPA
  11. Travel concession: Existing provisions shall continue.
  12. If new revised pension is lower than pension admissible in old pension rules than old pension shall be continue.
  13. Enhanced pension Basic pension, Da ,be payable from 01.01.2006.however decision about payment of arrears from 01.01.2006 to 31.07.2009 shall be taken in due course.
  14. Increase in allowance and other benefit like Old age allowance ,Medical, constant attendance allowance , shall take effects from August 2009.
  15. DDo shall obtain written undertaking from pensioners/family pensioners at the time of drawl of arrears to th e effect that excess payment that may be found to have been made as a result of incorrect consolidation of pension /family pension ,the said amount shall be refunded by him to the Government either by adjustment against future payments or otherwise.
Pension calculator for Pre 2006 retires /Pensioners/Family pensioners is Available here,You can calculate your new pension and Arrears in JusT a Minute by filing two three cells /information.

COMPLETE NOTIFICATION IS GIVEN BELOW,IT WILL TAKE TIME TO LOAD,KINDLY BEAR WITH US No. 3/23/09-3FPPC/885 GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE (FINANCE PENSION POLICY AND COORDINATION BRANCH) Dated Chandigarh the 17-8-2009 To All Heads of Departments, Commissioners of Divisions, Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court, District and Sessions Judges, and All Deputy Commissioners in the State. Subject: Implementation Of the recommendations of the Fifth Punjab Pay Commission -- Revision of Pension of pre 01-01-2006 pensioners/family pensioners/ recipients of extra ordinary pension etc Sir/Madam I am directed to invite a reference to the subject cited above and to say that after careful consideration of the recommendations of the Fifth Punjab Pay Commission in respect of pensionary benefits to pre 01-01-2006 pensioners, the Governor of Punjab is pleased to rationalize the pension of pre 01-012006 pensioners, family pensioners, and recipients of extra ordinary pension as indicated in the succeeding paragraphs, with effect from 01-01-2006. 2 These orders will apply to pensioners/family pensioners /recipients of extra ordinary pension who were drawing pension/family pension on 01-01-2006, including those who became entitled to pension/family pension w. e. f. 01-01-2006 under the Punjab Civil Services Rules Vol-II as amended from time to time. 3 In these orders (a) Existing pensioner/family pensioner means a pensioner who was obtaining/entitled to pension/family pension on the 1st January, 2006 consequent to retirement/death as Govt. Employee on or before 31st December, 2005 in terms of the provisions of the Punjab Civil Services Rules Vol-II as amended from time to time. (b) Existing Pension/family pension means the basic pension (inclusive of commuted pension, if any), due on 31-12-2005 and includes extra ordinary pension. 4.1 The pension/family pension of existing pre 01-01-2006

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